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Intermediate Bulk Containers, Reconditioned, Second hand and Used IBC have been in popular use for over 10 years in India generally used for export purpose. BESTO offer a full Intermediate Bulk Containers laundering and reconditioned service. We can offer a variety of options for the most cost-effective & popular brands like SUTZ and KODAMA having steel pallet.

Reconditioned, Second hand and Used IBC , also called totes, are offered in tube and wire cages. These containers are thoroughly cleaned and can be fitted with a variety of different valve types. Customers looking for a more efficient container for large quantities should turn to BESTO’s intermediate bulk containers. Intermediate Bulk Containers decrease customer costs through reduced handling, storage space and shipping expenses. Intermediate Bulk Containers are easy to use, transport and recycle.

Our standard Intermediate Bulk Containers includes a high-density polyethylene bottle in a solid or tubular reinforced steel cage that is attached to a pallet. Pallet options vary from wood, steel, plastic or hybrid. Sturdiness, cost savings, logistic improvements - indeed whatever your criteria for choosing intermediate bulk containers - Besto can offer the optimum Intermediate Bulk Containers thanks to our comprehensive product range.

  • BESTO collects and cleans Intermediate Bulk Containers from most major manufacturer while offering an equally wide range of Intermediate Bulk Containers for sale in varying specifications and sizes
  • Minimize operational waste streams
  • Reduce costs by using reconditioned or rebottled Intermediate Bulk Containers
  • Offer 1000 litter capacity
  • Tubular and wire frames available
  • Wood, steel and plastic pallets available
  • Intermediate Bulk Containers offered with quick-disconnect valve (cam-lock) or Natural Pipe Thread (NPT)
  • Cost Efficient Filling and Saves Handling Time
  • Reduces Freight Charges
  • Increases Floor Space
  • Extrusion Blow-Molded HDPE
  • Outer Container: Welded Tubular Cage
  • Additional UV & Light Protection